The credit for being able to do this work goes to many!

  1. Tim Fahlberg -
    • for showing me the new tools for technology in math education
    • for the orginal idea of MathCasts (!!
    • and for turning me onto the versatility and power of ExamView and CPS.
  2. To the European Training Foundation TEMPUS program, the MK National Tempus Office and Ms. Aspasija Hadzische for providing:
    • a forum for understanding the importance of teaching methodologies and for learning about the best current practices.
    • the eMathforAll Mathematics Laboratory at the Faculty of Technical Sciences - University St. Clement of Ohrid in Bitola.
    • ExamView Test Generator software for creating the question banks.
    • some graphics tablets and software so that students could make MK mathcasts.
    • and other equipment (see
  3. To the Faculty of Technical Sciences - University St. Clement of Ohrid in Bitola for providing funds to purchase the Applied Computer Science domain: and renew this domain:
  4. The Team - for their continued support in our search for better ways to teach mathematics.
  5. Robert Fant for showing me GeoGebra.
  6. The Students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences - Bitola, Study Program in Applied Computer Science (in general) and these first students of Mathematical Modeling with Computers (in particular) who have shown over and over that our young people are capable and hard-working and - if given the proper opportunities and training - can perform above and beyond our expectations.


Global credits go to:

  1. Markus Hohenwater for the absolutely fabulous freeware GeoGebra and
    • the wonderful people of the GeoGebra Forum - who donate their help so generously and quickly!
  2. Patrick Michaud who created the freeware pmwiki
    • Peter Jipsen for svgascii graphing cookbook


and many others!